Be a Learner, Be Persistent, Be Respectful


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Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be Persistant

A welcoming, diverse, community-focused school

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General Info

Acting Principal: Monique In Der Maur

Grade Levels: Foundation – 6

Our Principal

Narracan Primary welcomes all families, and we see your child’s education as an active partnership between home and school. We encourage your involvement with our school family and your active participation in your child’s education.”

Monique In Der Maur
Acting Principal

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Our School

Narracan Primary is situated in a quiet, picturesque setting, 12km south of the city of Moe, in the Latrobe Valley. Established in 1893, students and faculty enjoy a friendly, rural atmosphere and provide similar facilities to those offered by schools in larger centers.


We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all students.  Our teachers offer a variety of teaching and learning approaches that are challenging and promote different learning styles to improve student achievements.

Our vision and values

Our vision at Narracan Primary School is to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where every child is empowered to reach their full potential. We strive to instill a love of lifelong learning, foster resilience and support respectful and responsible individuals who positively contribute to society.

Our core values are Be Respectful, Be Persistent and Be a Learner.

We believe in treating everyone with kindness, empathy, and respect. We foster a safe and supportive atmosphere where students, staff and families demonstrate appreciation for diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. By fostering a culture of inclusion, we encourage collaboration, teamwork, and open communication.

We encourage our students to embrace and persevere through challenges and develop a growth mindset. We believe that challenge, determination, and resilience are essential qualities for personal and academic success. Through a supportive and encouraging environment, we guide our students to become self-motivated and confident learners who are not afraid to take risks.

We value lifelong learning and aim to instil a passion for acquiring knowledge and skills in our students. We foster curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity, encouraging independent and collaborative learning experiences. We promote a growth mindset that enables our students to adapt to an ever-changing world, make informed decisions and become problem solvers.

Together, these core values of respect, persistence and being a learner form the foundation of our school community. By embracing these values, we strive to empower our students to become resilient and lifelong learners who positively contribute to their local and global communities.

Office Hours

M-F: 8.45am – 4:00pm
Weekends: Closed

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Upcoming Events

Senior urban camp

Wednesday 13th – Friday 15th September

Last day term

Friday 15th September
Early Finish – 2:30pm

First day of term

Monday 2nd October