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Be a Learner, Be Persistent, Be Respectful

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Narracan primary School

Be a Learner, Be Persistent, Be Respectful

Curriculum & Programs


At Narracan Primary School we have a whole-school approach to teaching and learning, creating a harmonious educational environment with predictable structures and routines for all students.

Our programs promote collaboration, inclusivity, and creativity, to maximise learning outcomes.






Visual Arts

Physical Education

Civics and Citizenship

Economics & business



Digital Technologies

We use VCOP and Big Write for the teaching of writing. This is based on the premise that ‘if they can’t say it, they can’t write it.’ This approach scaffolds learning opportunities, encouraging students to become articulate thinkers, speakers, and writers. 

Through explicit teaching of vocabulary, connectives, openers, and punctuation, along with grammar, handwriting, and spelling, our writing program teaches students to create exciting pieces that keep their audience engaged. Through our weekly Big Write, students share and celebrate their learning from the week in a calm and creative writing space, with follow-up opportunities for peer and teacher feedback.

Our synthetic phonics program Sounds Write is a multi-sensory, code-orientated, and comprehensive approach to teaching students how to read and write.

Based on the science of reading, we support students to decode unfamiliar words and build their reading fluency.

Our students participate in weekly Physical Education, Sport, and Health Education sessions. A specialist sports coach runs programs through our Sporting Schools Victoria grants. Our program offers students a curriculum that is contemporary, relevant, challenging, enjoyable and physically active.

We support students to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage peer relationships.

The curriculum helps students build resilience, make decisions, and take actions to promote their health, safety, and participation in physical activity. Through our small school cluster and interschool sports, our students are encouraged to participate in athletics, cross country, and team sports.

Our Language Other Than English (LOTE) program is facilitated by our Classroom Teachers, and supported by the AUSLAN Education Services program.

This comprehensive program caters to students from Foundation to Grade 6, supporting us to bridge the communication gap between hearing and Deaf Australians.

We engage students with hands on, rich and authentic mathematics tasks to develop their knowledge and skills.

Our differentiated mathematics curriculum provides opportunities for students to work at their point of need. We support students to use a range of resources, including technology and manipulates to encourage deeper levels of thinking and problem solving.

Students at Narracan Primary school enjoy studying a wide range of art subjects such as painting, drawing and sculpture. We are fortunate to have specialist music, drama and dance teachers join us throughout the year. Narracan Primary School is fortunate to be part of the Victorian Arts Centre First Call Fund which allows rural schools to access shows at a subsidised rate.

Our students are provided with multiple opportunities to gain new understandings through our camps and excursions program. Students explore different cultures, histories and make authentic links to their learning through a variety of experiences.

We are fortunate to partner with the Victorian Arts Centre and local community groups, providing students with extra-curricular events.

Our Tutor Learning Program provides students with targeted small group and individual intervention to develop Literacy and Numeracy skills.

We provide opportunities for our students to participate in the Victorian High Abilities Program. This program enables high-achieving students in Grades 5 and 6, to be challenged and extended in a supportive environment. Students engage in a ten-week program of Mathematics and English via online classes with their teachers, where they are inspired, challenged by their peers, while developing confidence in their choices and abilities.

We are proud to continue our involvement with the Victorian Schools Gardens Program and the ResourceSmart Program. Our students learn about creating and maintaining a sustainable environment by growing their own vegetables in our greenhouse and garden beds.

They care for our chickens, collect eggs and use collected ingredients to support their learning across the curriculum

Our Swimming program runs annually, supporting students to develop essential water safety skills. This program is run by professional swimming instructors at a local pool for students from Foundation to Grade 6.

Narracan Primary School can provide your child with before school and afterschool care in conjunction with Their Care located at Albert Street Primary School, Moe.

Our private school bus will collect (or drop off)  your child from the service and transport them directly to and from school.

Please contact the Their Care support team on 1300 072 410 or for more information.

(This service is subject to available seating on our school bus)